The Public Administrator’s Role in Our Citizen-Centered Society

Public administration is an expansive field that covers the services needed for communities to effect positive change, advance the common good and strengthen society. Public administrators can manage government at the local, state and federal levels, and they possess skills that transfer to the private sector.

A Master of Public Administration General online from Murray State University will provide the essential skills in budgeting, human resources, organizational theory, ethics, policy analysis and more. By developing aptitudes relevant in government, nonprofit organizations or the private sector, you can customize your degree to fit your interests. Graduates will enter the job market with the expertise to pursue a career as a city planner, financial manager, public housing director, nonprofit CEO, public relations consultant, healthcare administrator and more.

The Multifaceted Role of the Public Administrator

The job description of a public administrator can vary from position to position. Still, their job duties can include promoting community sustainability, pursuing equality and social justice, improving education and healthcare systems and supporting economic growth. A common theme among public administrators is that they have a deep commitment to their communities and aid in their improvement. While public administrators work in many different areas of public service, they are particularly valuable in these specific disciplines:

  • Community development. Community development is about the improvement of economic, political and social institutions. Public administrators support the network of business owners, residents, developers and investors to improve the community through housing, economic development, healthcare and social services. Promoting government grants to minority organizations or executing programs that stimulate economic mobility are tasks that will boost community development.
  • Public administrators arrange, manage and supervise the organizations that regulate and control community laws and statutes. As these agencies grow to accommodate the needs of society, public administrators act as special advisors to satisfy the public’s interests and needs. Accountability and transparency are vital in public administration to ensure ethical decisions and that the public remains informed about the ongoings within the government agency, organization or school. In addition, leadership roles safeguard that the community’s needs are met — from police commissioners to city planners to fire marshals.
  • Public-private partnerships. Public-private partnerships (PPP) promote the public good via improved highway systems, broadband access and vaccine distribution. Partnerships with the private sector are vital to the advancement of the common good of our communities. By working with private companies, government agencies can work more efficiently, transparently and effectively to tackle infrastructure projects related to public transportation, sewer, water, bridges, rail and more.
  • Social equity. Social equity, according to the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), is a “key pillar of public administration alongside the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness — [it] addresses fairness, justice, and equity within a variety of public contexts.” Public administration is about the commitment to the impartial and fair implementation of public services to everyone while working to eliminate the structural inequities based on income and race. An effective public administrator works towards creating inclusive communities for everyone.

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