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What Is the Job Outlook for Graduates With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration?

Those interested in earning a master’s degree in public administration (MPA) are typically motivated by creating positive change in their communities. The field of public administration generally focuses on societal challenges such as poverty, health, the environment and housing. Public administrators can be employed by the public or private sector to enact policies, set goals and achieve measurable results.

The online Master of Public Administration (MPA) General program from Murray State University can prepare students to transition into a leadership role in a public service organization while tailoring their degree to meet their specific career goals. This online program can give students various essential skills while exploring the fields of public administration such as topics like policy analysis, budgeting, ethics, human resources, organizational theory and more. This innovative online MPA offers a wide range of elective options that will assist students to gain valuable skills applicable to nonprofit organizations, government positions and the private sector.

Job Versatility for Master of Public Administration Program Graduates

There are numerous rewarding career options available to professionals with an MPA degree. By learning how to become leaders, students in this online degree program will be qualified to pursue careers at the local, state, federal and nonprofit levels. With coursework that focuses on advocating for public policy, implementing policies and supervising teams, graduates can search for careers in private companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, community development organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Below are just a few options available to MPA graduates:

  • Emergency management director. An emergency management director assesses risks and plans for emergencies, including accidents, disasters and other situations. They work with an organization’s leadership team to develop best practices, design procedures, establish preventative measures and respond appropriately to emergencies. Emergency management directors can be employed by local or state governments, colleges or universities, private companies or hospitals. According to the S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average median pay for this position is $76,730 per year, or $36.89 per hour.
  • City planner. City planners typically oversee plans and development to build communities, renew public structures and resources and accommodate population growth in towns, cities and counties. They analyze public needs, create project proposals, keep the community informed regarding city plans and keep up with current environmental policies and zoning regulations. The BLS reports that the average annual salary for a city planner is $78,500 per year, or $37.74 per hour.
  • Nonprofit CEO. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a nonprofit organization has a business-oriented role. They work with the board of directors and provide advice while sustaining the performance and impact of the organization. They are involved in the daily operations and the future strategy of the nonprofit. These top executives have a median yearly salary of $98,980, or $47.59 per hour.

About Murray State University’s Online Master of Public Administration General Program

Murray State University’s online MPA General program also includes a capstone experience where students will integrate methods and theories by proposing and completing a project that involves an analytic or substantive management issue in the public sector. With a variety of elective courses such as Economic Development Methods, Local Government Administration, Health Administration and Management, and Epidemiology, this program helps graduates gain the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue an array of interesting careers.

Learn more about Murray State University’s online MPA General program.

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